The most challenging funny free game to waste your time

Simple, addictive and highly competitive clicking game with awesome features. Gradually revealing different stages, game modes and unexpected ending will constantly keep you on your toes. Do you dare to discover the mystery of the Micken? Can you last?

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This game for fast fingers introduces you to the most durable chicken with the biggest heart - Chicken Micken! He holds great secrets and many fun surprises.

  • Cool and unique design

    The game has its own amazing and unique design created specially for creating better atmosphere

  • Special frenzy mode and critical hits

    Chicken Micken gives the player bonuses and better scoring by offering frenzy and critical modes

  • Funny yet competitive gameplay

    Gameplay providing tons of fun and relaxing time as well as setting competitive goals to achieve

  • Mysterious ending

    Highly anticipated ending that will keep you on your toes constantly


Are you bored of the long and unamusing movie in the theatre, have no fear Chicken Micken is here - why not play while you watch!

Do you dare to try?

The most challenging funny free game to waste your time