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Welcome to the world of Chicken Micken

“There is beauty in simplicity”

The highly anticipated game called “Chicken Micken” is due to be released in June 2016 and you are probably wondering what to expect from it. The main goal of the game is the user entertainment, having fun and basically relax from the daily anxieties.

Chicken Micken – One way to escape from your daily routine

In today’s busy life one of the most important things is to be able to relax properly and escape the daily routine from time to time. Chicken Micken’s goal is just that. You might ask yourself how can you achieve that. And the answer is: by the simplicity of its gameplay and the addictive nature of it. The game by itself is pretty simple and one-sided – your main action is clicking on the screen, particularly on your main character, our hero – Chicken Мicken with the idea to finish him off. What happens after that is a mystery. More precisely “the mystery of the Micken” and you can reveal it if you reach the end of the counter.

Clicking one million times at a chicken has never been easier and funnier

You might think that clicking one million times at a chicken just to kill it and see what happens next is pretty hard or even impossible. Fear not there are lots of tools and features designed to help you achieve this faster than you think. There are special modes – some of them are randomized while others are activated by certain events or actions made by the player. It is up to you to discover them and use them for your advantage.

Are you ready for а new game challenge?

The game’s competitiveness comes from the idea that you might challenge yourself or even your friends in a game of Chicken Micken. What this means is that you have limitless ways to compete – reaching certain points faster and bragging by sharing it on Facebook, comparing maximum frenzy value reached by player and many others.

Another awesome feature to keep you on your toes is the 25 different levels of injuries gradually increasing and boosting your experience even further. Don’t be concerned or feel bad for injuring our character Chicken Micken because his sinister plans of ruling the world are on and it’s up to you to stop him. You can feel him even more alive than ever with his constant noises asking for attention when you are off your smartphone.

“Killing time” while killing the Micken

With the game Chicken Micken you are guaranteed to have countless hours of fun trying to beat it on you Android smartphone or tablet. This is not all – you can also expect much more to come like new features, game modes and surprises.

If you want to be updated just follow the progress of the game on its official website or follow it on facebook and twitter.

Do you dare to try?

Don’t hesitate to experience the greatness and thrill which this free Android mobile game gives you and don’t afraid to expect more exciting things in future from “Chicken Micken”.

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